Tribal print

One thing that I love the most about my fashion journey is finding/meeting small/new brands who make really high-quality items. I love brands with heart and soul created by truly passionate people. I hope you know what I mean. I associate them with myself, as I also make accessories by my hands, I have lots of plans and ideas and I perfectly know how hard it's for small business to stand against "the rest of the world"

One of my fav prints is tribal. You can simply look at my CuteBirdie earrings and make sure I'm right :-)
So today I'm happy to show you my new tshirt with tribal print from absolutely amazing brand called SUNDRiED. You can read about them HERE
The high-quality tshirt is made of cotton and I want to hug myself in it lol
As you can see I've paired the tshirt with jeans and sneakers and added a scarf :) Perfect!)

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