Those bright shoes

Today I want to share with you an outfit we shot in Lviv, when we were on vacation there.
We spent the whole day outside, the weather was perfect and so was the city... Those streets are so inspiring and gorgeous and cute, you can easily find location for a photoshoot, that's one of the many other reason why I'd love to move there haha.
I'm wearing a Bartman t-shirt that I've bought at Forever21 and seriously it's S size, and it's huge, but i love it anyways, grey jeans, leather jacket and super bright mustard yellow shoes, cause why not!
I really love to spice up a basic outfit with a bright detail and everyone will notice you! So it's my styling tip for you, build an outfit using your basics and add something bright like a watch, a purse, a beanie...It will definitely work, trust me!
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