Summer Breeze

It's Friday finally and I'm happy to show you the outfit we shot accidently. We were not planning and the light wasn;t that good. But tbh I love the photos and the memories behind.
I'm so grateful that it's so easy to take a picture and this or that moment will never be forgotten:)
That was the first time we went to the river this year, took food and enjoyed our date on the sand...we were talking about our crazy dreams, plans and desires... playing bubbles (you can see a small video on my instagram) and laughing a lot!)
I was wearing maxi dress, striped crop top, took a leather jacket in case it would be cold) and a black beanie (rocking my new fall beanie collection, just a lil bit, and added a statement necklace.
I love the nautical vibes of this outfit and the royal blue+fuchsia color block.

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