sporty chic vibes

Lately I'm obsessed with sporty chic style. I think it's absolutely natural as I like comfy clothes with some feminine elements, and something edgy always look cool. Right?)
Today's outfit we shoot around 8 pm and sun goes down earlier:( Soon I will make kind of a schedule for my articles just to keep myself focused, inspired and productive!
I'm wearing absolutely crazy abstract pencil skirt, forst I was skeptical about it, but pairing it with sporty crop top changed my mind and I love how they look together!
I think you've noticed that I'm wearing my own jewelry, new grey and blue statement necklace is shown to the world. YASSSS I love making such necklaces as they look amazing with different outfits and every time add something chic and luxy!!!
Tell me how was your week? as I've been away for some personal reasons. Hope you are doing very well!


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