sporty chic

To be honest every single time I want to put together an outfit I take one piece and build other things around it. You should try it! And no matter what it is. A tshirt, a bag or a necklace or just something new:)
In today's outfit the key piece is my new cropped 89 tshirt. I'm so in love with these cropped tops and it's such a luck that they are currently so in. Of course, I'm not that happy with my belly zone, but I do workouts so I think I have the right to wear them :-)
SO I paired this cute crop top with maxi skirt that my mom sewed for me, DC ked's...and to add "chic-ness" to this outfit I picked up a statement necklace with silver sparkling beads(I made this necklace just in case you are interested ))))
Enjoy the rest of you week and tell me how you dress up every day, how you build your outfit?


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