Something too personal

Hi loves! I have to admit that there's something that I've been keeping away from everyone...
I wasn't sure what to do, how to reveal my 'growing secret'...and if I actually want to share it with the world... It's way too personal for me and my family, but I think it's time and I'm ready to say that I'm pregnant!!!

We are so excited, but so scared at the same time! The mix of all kinds of emotions is insane to be honest! But I'm extremely happy, I have a baby inside:D

So get ready for 'styling my bump' blog posts and tag your pregnant girl friends!)

The navy blue color is one of my favorite since the beginning of this year and when I saw this dress I had to get it as it's pretty, simple and stretchy :-) Pairing it with cool cat shades from zeroUV, awesome bucket bag from Mischa, DW watch and my fav slip-ons!
xx Jane

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