City Chic

Today I want to share with you my fav outfit lately. It's so me. I love the city chic style, leather jackets, edgy elements. I feel myself so comfortably and confident rocking this style.
I remember those times in my life when I had no idea what's my style, I wasn't even thinking about it. I was wearing stuff cause I had to wear something. And I believe we all have those moments.
Once I realized that I do love fashion and I'm interested in this industry, I started learning more and more about it. 
And you know what, clothes can change your life. Literally. Once you feel that you like the way you are dressed, you like the way that jeans look/sit on you, that the length of that dress is just perfect for you - all these things make you feel self-confident. 
While dressing up in the morning look at your outfit and answer that question : how do i feel myself. And that's it. Even if you prepared your outfit in the evening, and in the morning you dont feel comfortable in it, dont be afraid to change it. Dont go out hating your outfit, never. Cause the only thing that will bother you is your outfit. Its better to spend that day feeling confident, instaed of hating everything around. Agree?

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