Bold and black

It seems that my Friday posts are all about new nails:) let it be so!
Today I'm showing you mani that I've made with the help of Alfa.K patches. I'm so happy that I've got the opportunity to try their products!
These patches are the best among those that I've tried so far, seriously! 
First of all, they perfectly match my nails size, they are really thin and elastic so they perfectly lay on your nail, they are very easy to apply! I'm in love! If you want I can make a video showing you how to make quick and fun and beautuful nails! Let me know in comments:)
Each pack has two identical stripes with 8 'nails' of different size. So in total you have 16 nails. I've used only 5, so with one pack I can create in total 3 different manis!:) You know that I love asymmetry when it comes to nail design. 
Designs are quite bold and bright, so I'd mix and match them with simple nail polish. Just like I did today. But it's totally up to you how to style these patches on your nails!
My dream design is marble patch, you know that marble print is so in atm!
What about your nail routine?


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