back to school vibes

Back to school hah crazy me? no! yes, it's middle of July, so what?
Basicly, I feel myself right now just like in the first day of universuty. I still remember that excitement that I had in my heart as I've met so many people during those years, some of them are not in my life anymore, others are still with me. I've met my husband during that time...and learned so many useless stuff lol
I've started this blog as my style diary and opened absolutely different world to myself. Just like entering university or high school... Girls that I've found or who found me (mostly on instagram) during these days - they are so amazing, each of them is so special and unique with her own sense of style and self-expression. Thank you, girls, you've inspired me to put together this back-to-school outfit which we shoot near my university! I'm sure we'd have a great time together in fashion school, for example, in New York ;-) right?
Tell me, what is/was the best clothes for you to wear to school/uni?:)


Full article with all links and photos is on my previous blogger platform - you can check it HERE